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FCC-Carbon – Unique Nanophase of Carbon


Savchenko N.F., Guseva M.B., Khvostov V.V., Babaev V.G

An allotrope form of nanocarbon with FCC lattice is described. In the present paper using different methods: HREM, ESCA, Auger spectroscopy, EELS, PES, FTIR it was shown that this nanophase of carbon corresponds well to simple FCC lattice and the density of FCC carbon phase is half of diamond. Calculation results obtained by LCAO method adjusted to atom-atom repulsion and coulomb correlation (Hubbard model), for electron structure, stability of lattice and phonon spectrum of FCC carbon are also included in the paper. Obtained results are consistent with the experimental data. A presented data confirms FCC carbon to be new allotrope form, different from previously known forms by its crystal lattice, electron structure, hybridization type, and electro-physical properties

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