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Prevention of emergency situation on railway transport using concept of the decision making control and continues monitoring infrastructure objects and rolling stock


A.M. Zamyushlyaev

This paper considers establishment of the decision making center (DC) to prevent and liquidate emergency situations at railway transport of the public corporation «RZD». To solve the cardinal task of the decision making on revealing and parrying at an early stage risks influencing reliability and safety of transportation process, it is provided due to real time reception of a trustworthy information from databases of branch management of information systems, their further processing on the basis of the developed factorial model and generation of executive decision options. Assignment of specific functional set within the scope of the decision making center of some specialized functional directions: «Traffic security», «Transport safetу», «Fire safety», «Forecasting and control of meteorological conditions», allows to take into account reasons of emergency situation occurrences, specific factors influencing their occurrence, features at liquidation of emergency situation. It is important that there is a precise norm defined for each of the decision making center mode. The article describes interactions between CZ which allow it to function as integrated agent of management, which is oriented to reduce risks of transportation process and provide its security from threats, connected with emergency situation occurrences of different nature. Decision making center is considered in two modes: normal mode, in which decision making center emphasizes on revealing and preventing risks of occurrence of emergency situations based on detection and prevention of occurrences on the bases of monitoring factor conditions, influencing on its occurrence; mode of emergency situation consequence elimination, which main task is mobilization of efforts, means and resources, needed to overcome and minimization of emergency situation consequences. The paper represents fundamentally new complex approach to form the new system for traffic safety control, based on structures, integrating information constituent in the form of automated systems, mathematical tool and modern tech-nologies of decision making, that differ it from similar developments, ongoing in other industries. Establishment of the decision making center is an imperative actual task for such a company as the public corporation «RZD» and, undoubtedly for the whole sector of the corporation. In the crises situation there are preconditions for reduction of negative consequences for operational activity of the public corporation «RZD», which are conditioned by possibility of time reduction for restoration of faulty technologies as a result of real-time control of efforts and means, enabled for elimination of emergency situation consequences.

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