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G.A. Panov, Y.S. Zhuravleva

This research was based on studying neuropsychiatric conditions and development of different stages of adjustment of students of special medical groups (some students who have deviations in a state of health, according to medical examination). Students (35 female and 8 male) of special medical groups (1-st and 2-nd years of studying) were chosen for this test. The analysis of a state of health of students from special medical group has shown that widespread diseases among this category of students are sight disturbance, locomotorium diseases, acute respiratory diseases and vegeta-vascular dystonia. Thus 9,3 % of students of special medical group have been carried to healthy group (I group); 25,5 % investigated are almost healthy, with favorable prognostic signs (II group); 37 % of the surveyed students are almost healthy, but have adverse prognostic signs (III group); 18,6 % - students with light pathology (IV group) - have a strain of adaptic mechanisms and 9,3 % – students with middle pathology (V group) which are included into group of risk of people with signs of failure of process of adaptation. Thus, the received data testifies that as a whole average value of an indicator of psychological adaptation of students of special medical group has made 25,6±1,7 (p <0,001) that allows to carry them to III group of mental health (21-30 points), i.e. almost healthy, with adverse prognostic signs.
May 29, 2020

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