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T.V. Koroteeva, I.V. Radysh

The article is devoted to study morphofunctional profiles in women different ethnic groups of region of the Caucasian mineral waters in various seasons. The 345 healthy women volunteers aged 20 to 30 years (from them 195 Russian and 150 Greece) in mid-follicular and mid-luteal phase of the menstrual cycle (MC) were examined four times during the year: in winter (December-February), spring (March-May), summer (June-August) and autumn (September-November). Inspection was included the women having in three and more generations the parents of one nationality and living on one territory (living in Pyatigorsk and Essentuky) as minimum three generations. The anthropometric parameters: height (L, cm), body weight (W, kg) were examined. Expected an index body weight (IBW) under the formula (IBW=BW/H, kg /m2). Range of functional reserves women organism estimated by results of realization of functional test in hypoxia and hypercapnia stability (test Shtange). Is established, that the height significant higher (р<0,05) in Greece (166,9±0,3 см), in com-parison with Russian (165,6±0,3 см). Body weight significant higher (р < 0,05) in Greece, in com-parison with Russian and average annual meaning body weight in mid-follicular phase have made: 63,7±0,5 against 61,9±0,3 kg, and in mid-luteal – 65,4±0,6 against 63,2±0,4 kg. Thus weight body in the winter period has increased at all surveyed, in Greece in comparison with summer in FF on 4,76 % and LF on 3,6 %, and in Russian – 3,98 % and 3,75 %, accordingly. Seasonal changes the IBW in all surveyed is characterized by higher meanings in the winter, in comparison with other periods of year. The index body weight significant higher (р < 0,05) in Greece, in comparison with Russian and average annual meaning of IBW in FF have made: 22,8±0,1 against 22,5±0,1 kg/m2, and in mid-luteal – 23,4±0,2 against 23,1±0,1 kg/m2. The results of interrogation with the purpose of revealing the basic parameters menstrual function testify that the time of approach menarche in Russian has made – 12,71±0,07 years, and in Greece – 10,21±0,05 years (р < 0,05). The comparative analysis of an estimation of test Shtange has shown, that longer time delay of breath (р < 0,05) is characteristic for Russian women irrespective of season of year, that testifies to them of higher stability to hypoxia and hypercapnia. Thus at all delay, surveyed time, of breath significansignifican higher in the summer, in comparison with other periods of year. The amplitude of seasonal rhythm meanings of time delay of breath in Russian in mid-follicular phase has made: 3,5±0,1 with, and in mid-luteal – 3,9±0,1 with, and in Greece – 2,5±0,1 and 3,6±0,1 with, accordingly (р < 0,05). Thus, the received data testify to wavy adaptive changes morphofunctional parameters of the female organism in different ethnic groups of region of the Caucasian mineral waters within year. Thus the statistical authentic seasonal changes of the functional condition of system of external breath are revealed.

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