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A.A. Kuznetsov

Various stages of physiological processes include: reception of the information and synthesis; de-cision making and formation effector’s integral; action result self-checking by returning signaliza-tion in acceptors devices. Action of the return signal system results to iteration of the resulting re-sponse. Consecutive approach resulting effect by means of self-checking by returning signalization results in cyclic character of process development with periodic and not periodic dynamic components. Biorhythms can be considered as consequence of work in uniform time of system connected among themselves oscillators and as the integrated system describing process resulting of continuous transition of an organism from one common condition in another. It is system - forming the factor for separate physiological systems are - aspiration to an internal equilibration (homeostasis) by means of oscillatory processes of the latent and seen periodicity and from hierar-chies of their connections and with-subordination. The purpose of work is check of an opportunity of biological rhythms allocation according to ECG short records some times per day. The basis of work is improvement of the forecast quality of an organism conditions on the verge of norm and pathologies. ECG registration was made by Holter monitor in portable variant for one day (04.02.2008). Electrodes were established on assignment II (Neb). ECG data were converted in digital lines of sequences of RR-intervals. At realization of experimental registration of a heart rhythm condition-ally healthy surveyed R-n. (21 year) was in rest. Spectral analysis this sequences of RR-intervals was carried out with the help of fast Furrier transformation and the autocorrelation analysis in SADR program. Quality of a autocorrelation function (ACF) spectrum conditionally healthy R-n within one day did not change. The selected signal with the least frequency had the period about 6 minutes. Within day density of capacity on it fell twice, and at the end of day quickly grew up to a former level. It was treated by alternation of weariness - vivacity. On behavior of sizes of the central moments of RR-intervals values distribution probability density function the signal with the period 1 day formed transition day - night is allocated. Influ-ence of a level of a rhythm on quality of its cyclic dynamics is revealed. According to the parametrical analysis of forty eight short registration executed within 15 day, it is created two synthesized digital of some sequences of RR-intervals average selective values (< X >) and selective standard deviations (σ). The correlation analysis has shown that with growth of an interval of digitization correlation connection between them amplifies. The spectral analysis has allowed allocating two common periods of 80 hours and 133 hours. The mechanism of dependence of a standard deviation changes from dynamics of a rhythm level average value is offered.

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