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L.A. Piruzjan, K.S. Gjulazizova, И.С. Nikolaeva, A.S. Kabankin, G.P. Sukhinina, N.E. Pynko, A.D. Radkevich, A.R. Kuznetsova, L.A. Radkevich

The breast cancer (BC) concerns multifactorial diseases. As an original cause of cancer growth consider changes in the genes, leading to infringement of regulation of cell fission (1-7). Fibers and fats of an animal origin, a cigarette smoke and other connections of environment can be sources genetoksik metabolites. Genes of enzymes of transformation ksenobiotiks it is high polymorfisms. It is known that frequency of occurrence (FO) polymorphic аллелей genes in ethnic populations differs (11, 23-29). In the different countries death rate from BC Considerably differs. Consumption of fibers and fats per capita also variously in the different countries [FAO, 30]. In work investigated dependence of death rate from РМЖ from ЧВ аллелей genes CYP1A1, NAT2, COMT, GSTМ1, protein and fat consumption, and also geographical breath of ethnic populations. As source of the mortality rate coefficients standardised on age (MR) from BC the data of the World Organization of Public health services served in ethnic populations [31]. Data about FO polymorphic аллелей genes in populations received on the basis of the analysis of the domestic and foreign literature [16,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42]. The data about consumption per capita protein and animal fat took from FAO [43]. Data on geographical breath of populations received on a site [44]. To statistical data processing applied the pair and private correlation analysis of Spearmen (Spearman) Investigated pair factors of correlation between MR, avenues FO of genes CYP1A1, NAT2, COMT, GSTМ1, protein and fat consumption and geographical breath (Table 2). By means of plural regression the analysis, investigated influence of factorial signs (FO alleles, dietary in-dicators and geographical breath) on a productive sign - MR. The regressionnal model estimated the contribution of variables to percent of explained variability MR of the different countries. All statistical procedures spent with use of a package of applied programs STATISTICA 6.1 [45]. The correlation analysis has revealed significant positive communications between MR and FO аллелей NAT2*5b, COMT+472, and also significant negative communications with FO аллелей CYP1А1*2С, NAT2*4, GSTM1*0. Besides, MR positively was it is connected with geographical width, consumption of a protein and animal fat ( Table 2). Step-by-step ridge regression the model including all genetic independent variables (FO аллелей CYP1A1*2C, NAT2*4, GSTM1*0, COMT+472, NAT2*5b), explained 75 % of variability of dependent variable MR. (Table 4), ecological independent variables (width, protein,fat) explained 85 % of variability FO (Table 5). In drawings 1 and 2 conformity degree between actual MR the different countries and received with the help regression models of genetic and ecological variables is shown. In populations of Europeans with high FO alleles NAT2*5 and СОМТ+472 are observed maximum MR from BC in the world (drawing 3), and in populations with high FO alleles CYP1A1*2C, NAT2*4, GSTM1*0, it is marked low MR from BC. Thus genetic and ecological factors bring the certain contribution to predisposition and stability to BC in ethnic populations. It is possible to conclude that carriers аллелей NAT2*5 and СОМТ+472, fibers consuming in raised volumes and fats can represent group of risk of predisposition to BC.

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