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Vibrational Reliability of the Centrifugal Machine


M. A. Kuzin

A model of an immersion centrifuge of the vertical type from the viewpoint of the vibration reliability was developed. A set of programs for simulation modeling and centrifuge calculation was developed. The range of the critical frequencies related to the random deviation of the mass center from the rotation axis was determined by Dunkerley and Krylov methods. The function characterizing the random overshoots of the vibration process is derived in an analytical form. An average number of overshoots per unit of time under vibration of the centrifuge was calculated. The model of the vibration reliability and a set of programs can be used for optimization of the design and centrifuging processes both of the suspension separation centrifuges and other centrifugal units, for example separators. Therefore, from two options of the centrifugal unit designs, the more preferable one, from the viewpoint of the vibration reliability theory, is the design with the lesser number of overshoots per unit of time.

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