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Designing a System of Quality Radio Aids


A.V. Chernov, D.V. Miskov

To achieve and maintain the products quality on the level in order to meet constantly Customer demands on the domestic market is quite a difficult task. What is more, nowadays most of the industrial enterprises in Russia cannot guarantee their Customers the programmed quality of the delivered products in spite of the availability of some useful evaluation procedures. Most of the developing industrial fields are characterized by the adjoining areas influence on the ecological environment. The necessity of qualitative and quantitative assessment of this effect has come into question. However the ecological environmental assessment of the region as a whole is a challenging task. To solve it we offer a monitoring system built around chemical-and-analytical apparatus including voltammeter analyzers that will allow: to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of the production area, materials and substances used in the technological manufacturing process; to control ecological environment both in a small area and the region as a whole; to analyze the data obtained and draw up reports on the basis of the analyses made; to registrate the analysis parameters obtained from different objects and transfer them to the single data collection and processing center.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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