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Using of Linear System Equations Theory with Ambiguous Free Terms for Range and Range Rate Estimation in Radars


A. A. Povalyaev

Ambiguous delay and Doppler shift measurements on different pulse-repetition frequencies in multifunctional radars is realized for determination of connected parameters – range and its first derivative - range rate. These measurements always are accom-plished in series on some time interval. Delay and Doppler shift may differ on that interval. But in known processing methods of such measurements the connection and change of mentioned parameters is not take into account. This is consequence of restrictions in mathematical basis of ambiguity resolution methods used at present time in multifunctional radars. These methods consider estimating only scalar parameter (delay, or Doppler shift). Joint delay and Doppler shift measurements ambiguity resolution lead to vector parameter ambiguity resolution task or in other words to solution of linear system equations with ambiguous free terms. It is consider in the paper the application of common linear system equations theory with ambiguous free terms for joint range and range rate measurement ambiguity resolution. Delay change is approximated at the measuring time by second power poly-nomial and the polynomial coefficients are estimated. That joint estimation allow to greatly reduce incorrect ambiguity resolution probability under delay and Doppler shift estimation as well as realize range acceleration estimation by ambiguous delay and Doppler shift measurements.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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