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Sophistication of Indoor Electromagnetic Safety Assessment Methodology by Geospatial Technologies Implication


A.A. Potapov

The article covers the issue of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) ecological monitoring and describes the sophisti-cation ways of indoor electromagnetic safety assessment methodology based upon wideband frequency none-selective measurements. RF EMF spatial distribution analysis in uncontrolled indoor environment which was presented in scientific publications is discussed, RF EMF levels typical for long term staying places are highlighted together with their spatial variability's extent. The principles of ecologically oriented wideband frequency none-selective measurements methodology are formulated. These principles include: increasing of the measurement's spatial density, RF EMF penetration through windows/doors experimental assessment and geographic information systems (GIS) implication in experimental data processing and visualization. RF EMF ecological monitoring experimental results (spatial resolution 0,4–0,6 meters) are presented and discussed. It's shown that RF EMF in frequency band 0,05…3,5 GHz has complex spatial structure in indoor environment: typical sizes of areas with field variations below 5 dB laid between 0,5–1,5 and 2,5–3 meters; total RF EMF's amplitude range in a single room varied between 7,7 and 39,4 dB; the highest field indoor gradient reached 25–30 dB/m; the absolute RF EMF field levels in all rooms were 2–5 times lower then official russian maximum permissible level (hygienic standard). The article describes the results of ArcGIS software implication in high detailed indoor environment models creation; in spot measurements network's transformation into continuous raster grid surface with predetermined metric characteristics; in novel electromagnetic safety integrated energy indices calculation – compartment's power exposure and power flux through window aperture; these energy indices define the amount of total absorbed power inside a compartment and the total power flux through window aperture into compartment respectively. Experimental results show that the total power flux through window apertures varies from 0,7 to 3,1 mW which is quit comparable with compact high frequency devices power (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi ect.). Without any internal sources of radiofrequency radiation the average absolute difference between compartment's power exposure and power flux through window aperture is less then 2,5 dB and this value can be considered as a reliability touchstone in radiowaves implicit paths penetration searching and unregistered sources of RF EMF retrieval.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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