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Research of the Enciphering Method Based on Use of Lorentz Attractor as the Generator of Determined Chaos


V.V. Andreev, Ju.V. Sapozhnikova

The field of information safety is intensively developing at present. Very often maintenance of information safety is required at transfer of any computer types of the data usually sent, for example, by e-mail or by means of other electronic means, including Internet loading, audio, video and other files of the data. Especially the safety thorny question rises at realization of financial transactions, and also at message transfer in military or governmental contexts. If this information as a result of malefactors actions appear opened then the consequences for users can be catastrophic. For example, there can be huge financial losses, disclosure of the confidential information, trust loss from outside clients and infringement of activity of users. In these cases it would be possible to send the confidential data from the addressee to the receiver on safe communication channels, such as secret couriers, safe telephone lines, etc., but frequently it is impractical and is expensive. In paper the enciphering method of the information, based on application of the determined chaos is developed and investigated. As the generator of such chaos Lorentz attractor is used. The cryptographic analysis of algorithm is carried out. It is shown that the developed enciphering algorithm has certain advantages before existing analogues from the point of view of possible attempts of its breaking.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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