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Boundary values evaluation of information redundancy in video and data streams for a 2D and 3D TV


O. V. Tsvetkov

In traditional analog communication channels the energy of video data content depends on energy needed for its transmission which is greatly overweight energy of the content. The appearance of digital programmed technology allows as to separate the energy of content from the energy needed for its transmission. This gives the ability to optimize and manage energy consumption by decreasing information redundancy and amount of bits without quality (semantic of content) loss. Nevertheless the question of how to define acceptable level of video data distortion during redundancy decreasing process is still needs the solution. Moreover the possibility of various interpretations of video stream results in need for new methods of information redundancy evaluation. The considered problem definition differs from classical by the fact that information redundancy no more depends on statistical relations between channel and data but depends on goals and needs of data receiver. The paper shows relations for lowest and highest estimations and next steps to more accurate estimations are considered. The estimations are made in common form in absence of prior information considering video data transmitted and goals and needs of receiver. The lower limit of perception speed (lower limit of information redundancy) of video data designed for subjective perception is defined by physiology and optic parameters of subjects visual system. The lower limit of perception speed (upper limit of information redundancy) is defined by ability and sufficiency of identification process which depends on distinct problem and video stream needed for it’s solution.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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