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Digital programmed technologies


V. V. Alexandrov, V. A. Sarychev

XXI century has greatly intensified innovation technologies of infocommunication systems. The orientation on programmed control instead of self-organized synergy has become obvious. Finally the growth of civilization within the frames techgnosis goes on as the realization of the triad “idea-technology-result“. The crisis signs of XXI century techgnosis are caused by the fact that innovative changes in technology are far ahead of their mastering and spreading through society. The specifics for the “routing” of technology growth vector through industry spheres is absent be-cause the fundamental goals of modernization are not formulated. The tendency of knowledge mastering directly when they are needed. It is much simpler to program different codecs, options an interfaces than to estimate their efficiency or to compose comprehensible user's manual in natural language which is not adequate for programmed technologies. Digital infocommunication systems cancel the information monopoly and make private, social and politics life transparent. The common problem of digital programmed technologies implementation is a unification and standardization of protocols. The enthusiasm of single-persons results in problem of complete inconvenience of definitions and inconsistency of outdated regulations, standards, terminology of educational disciplines. To solve the professional competence the continuous update computer information systems of definitive (anthology), thematic constantly redacted glossaries are created. They allows as to structure the interface invariant understanding in a process of simulation creating standards and unifications. For this time the problem is not in lack but in excess of digital programmed technology abilities, their principal dependence on social, economic and political orientation of the state. The economy becomes driven and dependent on innovation development and implementation tempo. It is necessary to rethink the paradigms of the whole chain of educational process with the goal of development of intellectual functionality of Russia.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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