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Efficiency of millimeter range informational systems in various climatic zones


O.V. Bazarskiy, A.F. Sidorkin, D.E. Barabash

Average annual frequency of aquatic atmospheric meteo-elements: haze, fog, rain, snow and snow-storm, are calculated for various climatic zones. The efficiency of systems functioning in the range of 8.6mm wave length was evaluated on the bases of experimental results on abatement of electro-magnetic signal with the above mentioned wave-length on aquatic meteo-elements of various intensity. Efficiency evaluation methodology of radio-technique functioning in various climatic conditions: extra humidification, temperate and arid zones is developed. Minimal signal abatement in the pure atmosphere in the presence of haze 0,4 DB/km is realized with the following probabilities: humid zone – 0,74; temperate zone – 0,82; arid zone – 0,91. The probability of signal detection is close to a unity in the distance of 10km with the signal/noise ratio equal to 10. It is necessary to provide signal/noise ratio no less than 80 if it rains with intensity of 4.2mm/hour and signal abatement up to 2 DB/km.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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