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About formation of macroscopical ledges on prismatic surface of silicon a wire


V.A. Nebol’sin, A.I. Dunaev, A.A. Dolgachev, M.A. Zavalishin

The surface morphology of prismatic silicon wire were synthesed in open cloride-hydrogen system and research for scanning probe method (SPM). It is established, that at cooling brought up many-sided silicon wire on their lateral surface can be formed macroscopical hill-ledges. Formation macro-hills is explane by silicon condensation from a gas phase at achievement of a dew-point. Supersaturation, necessary for the beginning to condensation, it is achieved because of small equilibrium pressure of the silicon vapor (~10–7 millimeter of mercury) at process temperatures 1173–1273 K. When speed gas stream or molar concentration SiCl4 in hydrogen or attenuation environment gas from argon is decrease, quantity and size hills on surfaces of sides, and condensation of silicon increase.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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