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Modeling of multilayer ferroelectrics


V.N. Nechaev and A.V. Shuba

On the base of Ginsburg-Landau theory the coordinate dependence of polarization and electric potential of the thin ferroelectric films in general form have been calculated with accounting own electric fields and correlation energy. The accounting boundary conditions, consistency of electric potential and normal component of a electric induction vector on the films boundary with each other made possible to full identify this functions and find the analytical expression of the static dielectric permittivity of the thin films multilayer such as ferroelectric/ferroelectric and ferroelectric/dielectric/ ferroelectric. The growth of the ferroelectric films thickness and decrease of degree fixation of order parameter on the structure boundaries lead to dielectric permittivity increase. The essential influence of the electric fields of ferroelectric films begin dielectric thickness from a few lattice parameters to contact films when the dielectric permittivity of structure is growing. The nonlinearity of dielectric permittivity function is disappearing and mutual influence of ferroelectric layers is not substantial with growth thickness of dielectric layer.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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