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Modeling of the processes of the alternative methods of the cooling the air under aerodromnom air-conditioning


V.V. Skripkin, M.Y. Sinev

In recently need in alternative method of the cooling the air, by reason of reduction ozone layer Land. Presently known more than ten main physical phenomenas, used for realization of the artificial cooling. The most wide-spread are a phase conversions, expansion of the compressed gas, throttle, vihrevoy effect (the pipe Early hour), the effect Pelitie, spraying to liquids, vibration. In article is in detail considered вихревой effect (VE). At present VE is broadly used not tarred roofing paper-to for division gas on cool and hot flows, but also for the vacuum-pumps. Under the whole simplicity, lightness and ecological capacities of the use curl device (VA) there is defect - low KPD that prevents their using in conditioner. In this connection studies, directed on on-suit of the limiting factors VA for the reason reduction their energy for-wasting and possibility of the use at air-conditioning, is actual scientific and practical problem. They are Сonsidered distinguishing to models of the description of the processes in vihrevoy to tube. Is it Herewith executed by mathematic statement of the problem, which dared the twin by method (with use the functions of the current and curl to velocities) and in component of the velocities and pressures. Scheme was used For decision of the problem with directed particularity against flow and «sidelong» aproximation and uneven net. On result of the studies is received more full description of the processes and optimal parameter VT Early hour-Hilsha (limiting factors VA are revealled for the reason reduction their energy expenseses) that opens the prospect use them when designing and production modern conditioner.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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