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Modelling the effort of mechanical influence on the growing composite for the purpose of forecasting physicomechanical properties of the covering


S.Yu. Zhachkin, O.A. Sidorkin

In work the model of deformation of a two-componential composite material with elastic-plastic inclusions and an elastic matrix is constructed. The geometrical structure of such two-componential composite material which is described by the casual isotropic function of co-ordinates equal to unit in volume and zero out of this volume is revealed. It is shown, that geometrical features of inclusions of zones of a plastic current arising and developing in volume are described by the additional display function equal to unit in volume and zero out of this volume. Are received value of critical force of influence on a composite covering in the course of its sedimentation, allowing to count efforts for the tool for the purpose of reception of planned residual stresses in a covering. It will allow to create galvanic composite coverings with in advance set physic mechanical and operational properties. The scheme of deformation of a besieged covering is considered, taking into consideration, that the current of a deformable material of a covering occurs on the shortest normal to section perimeter. Stress tangents on a contact surface were considered as constants. Sites of falling of tangents of stresses neglected in view of their insignificance. Borders of a contact surface with instructions of borders of a current of a deformable material according to a current principle on the shortest normal are calculated.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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