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Definition mass power consumption of the flywheel the inertial power accumulator


A.B. Tynin

Now increased requirements to autonomy, mobility and profitability of the power installations serving aircrafts are shown. The idea of independent mobile power installation consists in the following. For the purpose of maintenance of a high power system effectiveness of independent power supply the energy developed by a primary energy source, should go directly to the consumer. During the periods of generation of superfluous energy for the consumer it should be reserved by accumulation system. At deficiency of the energy developed by a primary source, the accumulated energy from secondary sources should go to the consumer, covering available deficiency. Thus, the consumer receives necessary during each moment of time capacity. In this case application of the inertial power accumulator is considered. The basic which functional element is the rotating flywheel. It is known that energy of each kg of a flywheel depends on its form and durability. The question of definition mass power consumption is actual. In article the problem of definition of the power consumption, having on a flywheel mass unit, and as maximum speed of rotation of a flywheel at which its destruction begins dares. Ranges of change of parameters of a flywheel at which use of disk model is possible are found. Comparison of analytical decisions with the decisions received by a method of final elements is executed.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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