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Heat and electrophysical control methods of technology state of aircraft tehnique protective materials


P.A. Fedyunin, I. N. Ishchuk, A.I. Kazmin

Reducing the effective surface scattering plane can be achieved by using materials, radar absorbing and scattering radiation, as well as the use of original aerodynamic designs. Technology of creation special protective coating aviation technology at all stages development, production and application an airframe of the aircraft requires an appropriate control in microwave frequency range complex permittivity and permeability and thickness coating. A special place takes control of these parameters, as well as various types coating defects in the operation of the aircraft, as well as a change in the electrical parameters entails a violation agreement with the free space, and the presence of coating defects (voids, microcracks, etc.) gives rise to "arising" waves and radiation energy in free space. The way for control of inhomogeneities absorbing coatings to assess the deformation space-time structure electromagnetic field of the surface wave interacting with the coating, allowing to define their boundaries, as well as the relative size. Theoretically proven and experimentally confirmed by an indirect method to control the absorption coefficient of thermal protection materials by aircraft to determine their thermal properties, as well as the dependence of the absorption of electromagnetic waves from the thermal and electrical parameters ferrite and dielectric coatings. The stated principles of measurement parameters are relative and do not depend on the distance (gap) between the pri-mary transmitter and the surface controlled material that does not require special measures the detuning from the gap, increases accuracy and allows rapid scanning surface without moving the parasite surface wave.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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