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Algorihms for control of heterogeneity in absorbing coatings


P.A. Fedyunin, A.I., Kazmin, O.E. Kiryanov

Currently, one the main means of reducing the visibility aircraft in the radar wavelengths are radio-absorbing materials and coatings. When operating aircraft with reduced radar visibility is necessary to maintain the level of the effective area scattering plane in the prescribed limits. Scattering characteristics of objects in the radar wavelengths (from several centimeters to several meters) is very sensitive to various inhomogeneities in them: the sharp edges, ribs, joints defects, fracture, foreign inclusions, delamination absorbing coatings. Thus, it is urgent that research and development of new and improved well-known non-contact methods and devices flaw wide class dielectric and ferrite materials and coatings of the aircraft. The developed algorithms to detect and identify irregularities absorbing coatings on metals using the phenomenon of «flooding» the surface of slow electromagnetic wave on a plane and a rapid-scan results of the interaction field with a layer of coating in the functions complex electrical and geometrical parameters. Developed: An algorithm for determining and assessing inhomogeneities absorbing coatings for «informative» terms; Algorithm for microwave imaging of the surface slow wave; An algorithm for determining and assessing inhomogeneities coatings based on multi-parameter handling of informative fields surface waves. The results of experimental verification of the developed algorithms. Held their comparative analysis based on comparison probability of detection various types irregularities. Probability characteristics are based on the criterion of optimality NeymanPearson. The highest probability correct detection of irregularities is an algorithm based on multi-parameter handling of the surface wave field.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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