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Form Features of Signal Fields in Bistatic Aerospace Synthetic Aperture Radar


P.A. Gerasimov

The considered of the signal reception in bistatic aerospace synthetic aperture radar, which operates on the reflected signal GLONASS. Were calculated signal field at the difference Doppler frequency of direct and reflected signal. Shows the changes in Doppler frequency lines in the near and the far field, depending on the relative position of the navigation satellite and the receiving antenna and the angle between the speed of navigation satellites and the receiving antenna. In consequence of calculated showed that the position of the zero Doppler frequency in the near zone does not affect the angle between the velocity of the navigation satellite and the receiver, but only their relative orientation. Result obtained of Doppler frequency must be applied in developing the bistatic aerospace system for the correct formation of synthetic aperture radar image. Proposed for analyzed radar system continuously conduct the collection of data about the coordinates of navigation satellites, aircraft and carry out the calculation of lines of equal Doppler frequency.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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