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Estimation of an Error of Calculation of Angular Parameters of Approaches of Space Objects


I.K. Kostin, S.N. Morozov

At the analysis of approaches between various space objects (SO) to the end user it is necessary to have parameters of mutual angular position of approaching objects. Errors of definition of an arrangement of these objects lead to changes of a vector of a direction from one object on another. At considerable length of this vector, its displacement within typical errors influences parameters of angular position insignificantly. However at its small length, their change can be considerable. The error of definition of position of SO in a longitudinal direction on the orders surpasses a lateral error, therefore first of all it is necessary to consider it. At its account, ambiguity of position of SO consists that its real position can differ from basic by shift in a direction of a vector of its speed on certain size. Errors of an estimation of positions of SO, caused by the generalized longitudinal error are calculated. Values of errors of an estimation of angular parameters of approaches of these objects are received at various distances between them
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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