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Optimization of Observation of Fast-Moving Space Objects with Small-Aperture Telescope


A.P. Lukyanov, A.V. Maltsev, A.A. Tolstov

With the growing number of space objects the significance of the problem of their observation increases. The number of non-functioning satellites, debris, and wasted sustainers is rapidly growing. Thus it is important to create optoelectronic systems that can automatically carry out observation of all types of space objects, refine, supplement and support existing satellites catalogs. A part of the monitoring tasks does not require large resources and can be solved with the use of compact complexes. A criterion is proposed for optimization of observation control, which makes it possible to increase characteristics of space objects detection using small-aperture telescopes with restrictions on the angular velocity and acceleration of servos. A criterion is developed to optimize control of tracking of space objects, taking into account: technical characteristics (limitations) of equipment; satellite signal magnitude on observable part of trajectory; exposure time. The program realization of the criterion of optimal observation control made it possible to realize experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of its application for observation of low-Earth-orbit space objects. Experiments with servomechanism EQ6 have shown that control optimization gave 3-4 times increase of signal-to-noise ratio of tracked objects.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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