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The Simulation Model for a Space Object Observing in Visible and Infrared Bands Influenced by Interference Factors


S.N. Kirillov, P.S. Pokrovskiy, D.S. Semin

The static model of a space object motion includes interference factors such as the eccentricity of the earth's gravitational field, the atmosphere resistance, the light pressure, the solar wind, the gravitational field of other celestial bodies (Sun, Moon), the interaction with the earth's electromagnetic field. The static model of tacking measurements includes wavefront distortion introduced by the turbulent atmosphere, telescope aperture distortion, noises introduced by CCD’s spatial discrecity, photon noise and dark noise of CCD, quantization noise of ADC. The 3d-model of space object includes models in visible and infrared bands.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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