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Simulation of Preprocessing in Radiolocation System with Frequency Modulated Signal on Computer System with Parallel Architecture


A.A. Panaetov, V.G. Repin

In this study, we investigated the possibility of reducing the time of the preprocessing in modeling of radar with frequency modulated signal by the use of parallel programs executed on a graphical processor and technology CUDA. This technology is extremely simple and easy to use, all programs are written in extended C language. It is important that a lot of algorithms using CUDA are designed. They can be found and download from the Internet. Also we describe the algorithm of the preprocessing of the signal in radar with a frequency modulated signal. This radar has the remarkable feature: it does not require a high-power transmitter. That is achieved due to extremely low porosity, close to 0,5. Because of great length of radiated signal, Doppler effect can be measured with great precision. The methods of accelerating the execution of programs that are connected with the search of the maximum of statistic function, the Fourier transformation and the generation of white Gaussian noise in modeling, provided by the use of parallel programs running on the GPU, are described. Results of computational experiments show that the application of parallel programs is more than justified. For example, carrying-out of the Fourier transformation of the received signal on CPU is almost 23 times longer than carrying-out the program uses the functions of access to GPU. That is an excellent result.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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