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To the Question on the Mechanism of Interaction of Biological Objects


A.B. Burlakov, Y.S. Kapranov, G.E. Kufal, S.V. Perminov

In January, 2010 on a site of Russian Federal space agency (http.// there was a message on results of the biological experiment spent at the International space station (ISS). It was informed on reception of a crop of seeds of wheat. It was possible to receive the first grain yield. It is thus mentioned that "not planned" wheat has sprouted in one module with cabbage in which it has simply appeared a weed. It is represented to us, what exactly last circumstance has appeared defining, namely, the arrangement of sprouts of wheat in immediate proximity from cabbage sprouts could play a pivotal role. Still in the mid-twenties last century A.G.Gurvich has proved that between various live objects exist long range interactions caused by presence of own electromagnetic radiations. On intensity electromagnetic radiations of biological objects carry to "super weak" radiations, but sensitivity of live organisms to the slightest changes of parameters of these super weak radiations is so great that the most insignificant distortions undergone by these radiations, can lead to essential changes in development of biological objects. In the conditions of space experiment were observed, in our opinion, interactions of super weak radiations of wheat (an annual plant) and cabbage (a two-year plant). It is quite probable that for wheat - in unusual conditions for it, as a matter of fact, in the conditions of continuous stress, electromagnetic radiations of sprouts of cabbage have played a role of the external stabilizing factor. Thereupon, we consider necessary, to remind of the important role of correction of own electromagnetic fields of biological objects. In works 2003 – 2008, we made experiments on correction of development of biological systems. Experiments were put with use corner-cube reflectors (CCR) as correcting an element. In work the scheme of experimental installation and physical parameters a correcting element (CCR) is resulted. Results of the spent researches have shown that: 1. For the first time interaction of the biological objects which are at one stage of development that could not achieve earlier direct optical contact is carried out. 2. Development of individuals is accelerated and the differentiation on stages in comparison with the control increases. 3. The number increases is abnormal developing individuals. It is possible to assume that the general configuration of an electromagnetic field of a developing organism is defined by cumulative influence of own electromagnetic field and external forces. These external forces set system of co-ordinates for formation of own electromagnetic field of a developing organism. In case of experiment which has spent M.Suraev onboard ISS a role of the "tool" which has deformed own field of biological object (wheat) it is necessary to take away to cabbage sprouts. Authors suggest to make similar biological experiment with application CCR onboard space station. Besides it, authors suggest to select various steams of live organisms (not only plants) with different life cycle for carrying out of experiments for a survival in space. In these cases, the biological objects which are in unusual, stressful conditions receive potential possibility successfully to resist to aggressive environmental conditions. Potential possibility of live systems to resist to negative factors of space flight at the expense of own electromagnetic radiations have resulted in, the received cosmonaut M.Suraev. These results also have induced us to respond the given message.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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