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HF Automatic Radio Communication Network for Systems of Monitoring Territorially Dispersed Objects


V. A. Berezovskiy, V. V. Fomin, V. L. Khazan

The paper points out that monitoring the objects territorially dispersed on the Earth¢ surface is of great importance for the modern human society. To solve the problems of organizing such monitoring two-way communication between con-trolled/monitored objects and dispatcher points is required. Satellite or HF radio communication channels can be used as communication channels providing the monitoring systems functioning. Disadvantages of satellite communication systems for use in monitoring systems within the territory of Russia and advantages of HF channels for these purposes are shown. Reasons retarding the use of HF communication system for monitoring the vehicles are clarified. Theoretical grounds are given for the recommendations allowing the required level for reliable data transmission over HF communication channels at a low peripheral transmitters power and low transmitting antennas efficiency, i.e. using remote HF repeaters, reducing manipulation rate, using frequency-diversity and territory-diversity reception etc. to be provided.

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