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Modeling Ultrawideband Spiral Antenna in the CAD Software Package HFSS v.10


D.V. Semenikhina, V.P. Pavlov, Y.I. Markina

The analysis of the parameters and characteristics of existing ultra wideband spiral antenna. On the basis of modern requirements to the operating frequency range and beam width antenna radio systems, proposed a new design of helical antennas, consisting of three types of helices: the plane Archimedean, logarithmic conformal and conical spirals. Such a solution gives the possibility of extending the frequency range, providing the antenna with an overlap of up to 5 octaves. Meeting the requirements for frequency range and antenna parameters is performed using a metal screen and the absorbing layers. For the calculation as a scavenger adopted a model in the approximation of infinite flat layers, which is normal to the structure of the incident wave. With the help of recursion relations in the program MathCAD is calculated reflection coefficient of the structure through the number, thickness and impedance of the layers. In order to achieve a wide range of antennas, were calculated with different taper angles of spiral conical part, and carried out the analysis parameters and characteristics of the antenna calculations with different load resistance. As a result, the work was obtained by an antenna that satisfies the requirements under-represented across the range of an-gles simultaneously and sector review. The antenna can operate at frequencies from 0.8 GHz to 22 GHz and the Gaza viewing angles are not worse than ± 70.
May 29, 2020

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