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Structure of engineering support for on-board radar UHF components designing and manufacturing


A. Yu. Sedakov

The article presents the main aspects of the engineering support for the system design of on-board radar UHF components. Validation of the appropriate engineering support necessity at all stages of the components designing and manufacturing is provided. There is presented that the engineering support efficiency does not depend only on the right choice of the engineering facilities, but also on taking into account the constituent elements design-engineering and physical parameters spread. A particular example of the engineering support for designing and manufacturing EHF ferrite decoupling and switching devices is considered. The proposed structure of the UHF and EHF components designing and manufacturing engineering support allows to formalize and unify development of various type components as well as to decrease the manufacture’s expenses to provide the engineering support of the manufacturing the complete range of UHF components being the part of the on-board radar.

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