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Justification of the Choice of EMI Epure for the Functional Jammers


A. N. Man’ko

Basing on theoretical and experimental investigations of video signal impulse excitation with nanosecond duration for log-periodic and biconical antennas an empirical model of the law of energy flux decay while the propagation of emitted field. A possibility of synthesis for the law of the energy decay in a free space which is different from the law of decay characteristic for the narrow-band radio signals (1/z2) has been demonstrated. Synthesis of the law of decay is performed due to the interference of coherent emission sources with the account of spatial-frequency field dispersion. The realized distribution of the field in space allows to solve the problem of the functional jamming (fault) of radio-electronic equipment within the previously determined space distant from the point of emission. At the same time the emitted field is practically absent outside this space permitting to solve the problem of EMC by spatial separation method.
May 29, 2020

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