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Fast Polarization Independent Synthesis of Bearing Profile for Multielement Antenna Arrays


N. G. Parhomenko

The “superresolution” methods application is one of the basic requirements for the efficiency increase and the application area expansion for modern bearing unit based on miltielement antenna array. However the methods with resolution greater than the Rayleigh’s limit form the bearing profile with narrow peaks. Their localization increases the analysis discreteness and consequently the computational complexity of the applied methods. It restricts the application of these methods for the real-time processing. Thereby the computational efficiency increase for the “superresolution” algorithms is of immediate interest. The paper is dedicated to the fast synthesis algorithms application for bearing profile of both traditional and polarization independent classic and “superresolution” methods for axially symmetrical antenna arrays. A new approach is proposed in the paper. It differs in deducing the computational scheme for the bearing profile synthesis in polarization independent classic and “superresolution” methods to the repeated calculation using the classic beam-forming scheme. For the last scheme the effectively implemented fast algorithms of the complex directivity pattern are considered. The developed approach guarantees multiple increase (2 to 7 times depending on the number of antenna array elements) of the computational efficiency for the bearing profile synthesis in intensively developing complex antenna computational units of different assignment based on the multielement circular antenna arrays.
May 29, 2020

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