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A Large Wide Scanning Phased Antenna Array of V-Dipoles


M. B. Manuilov, V. A. Voloshin, A. Yu. Larin, O. V. Ovodov

A large planar wide scanning phased antenna array (PAA) based on a new modification of V-dipoles has been designed for microwave applications. The infinite and finite array models are employed for electromagnetic CAD of PAA. The numerical results are in good agreement with the experimental data. A variety of dipole radiators over the ground plane are used as elements of wide scanning planar PAA. It is known that nulls or blind spots can occur in the pattern of balun-fed straight-arm dipole phased arrays. This effect can be eliminated by bending dipole arms 45 towards the ground plane forming an inverted V-dipole. The purpose of this paper is to search the optimal solution for the radiating aperture of large planar PAA with scan volume up to 60. PAA should operate in microwave frequencies within relative frequency band 6%. It consists of some thousands radiating elements arranged in rectangular grid. The polarization of array is linear. The scan angle in horizontal plane (E-plane) should be ±45 and it should be 60 in vertical plane (H-plane). The new modification of inverted V-dipole has been proposed for implementation of PAA with the specifications above. The dipole with wide arms shows improved impedance matching and it is suitable for high-power applications. Two full wave models for CAD of PAA have been used. First one is the infinite periodic array model which is the most appropriate for large arrays. This model is based on finite element method. The second model is the finite array which is analyzed by finite integration technique. In accordance with infinite array model the active VSWR is less than 2.5 for scan angles up to 45 in both E- and H-planes and VSWR<3.8 for 0≤60 in H-plane.

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