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The Method of a Missile Homing for Maintenance of Its Prompting on Element of Multiple Air Target Optimal under the Minimum of a Local Quality Functional


A.A. Kuchin, V.G. Meshcheryakov, A.A. Filonov, V.O. Chervakov

Perspective reception of application of "air-to-air" missiles (AAM) on the multiple air target (MAT) is practically simultaneous prompting of the several fighters missiles started up from a fighter on several targets. For this purpose it is necessary to provide in an active radar homing head (ARHH) of missile their permission and type recognition. Existing algorithms of radar signals processing are optimum provides in ARHH the solution of the given problems. But, efficiency of their activity depends on conditions of reflected signals supervision in ARHH of missile. Known methods of rockets homing do not allow to provide simultaneously demanded conditions of radar supervision of signals reflected from MAT, with minimisation of a rocket's miss. Synthesis of an optimum method of missile homing on element of MAT, providing in missiles ARHH the joint permission on Doppler frequency of air target, and supervision of signals of secondary modulation under a demanded aspect angle, for recognition of a standard structure of the targets in group, at the minimum miss, consists in the following: - As criterion of an optimality is chosen the minimum of local quality functional; - The generalised model of mutual moving of missile and MAT, considering trajectory control of a missile is determined; - Particular elements of the state vector, the demanded phase co-ordinates, operated phase co-ordinates, control, a matrix of penalties on value of command signals, efficiency of command signals, penalties on accuracy of tracking are determined; - The analytical expression determining the law of optimum control by side acceleration of missile is received; - Numerical values of penalty coefficients in a control law are estimated. The received results of imitating modelling of process homing process according to the synthesised method, their comparative analysis with a method of proportional prompting, and the calculations allow to make a conclusion on functionability and a realizability of the synthesised method of missiles homing.

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