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Influence of Multiband Radar on System Performance of Airborne Warning and Control System


V.S. Verba, G.S. Kondratenkov, V.I. Merkulov

The base guideline for simultaneous enhancement of combat effectiveness, survivability and informativeness of airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) is to utilize multiposition design concept on more informative on-board radars. One of the upcoming trends of creating informative radar is to use tri-band systems, adapted not only for autonomous work in an AWACS, but also for joint work as part of local networks and multiposition guidance systems consisting of group of AWACS, guided aircrafts and ground radars. It is necessary to point out, that single band radars using signals in different parts of VHF band are used in existing radar sur-veillance systems. Each VHF band part has its advantages and disadvantages, which heavily influence system performance of the entire AWACS. In this article functioning peculiarities of on board radar in P-, S- and X-band are studied. The necessity of using multiband radar in AWACS is justified, as the multiband radar allows joint work with on-board systems of guided aircrafts and ground air defence systems. Possible ways to enhance effectiveness, survivability and informativeness of an AWACS by utilizing tri-band radar as its part are studied, as well as main problems during realization of such system.

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