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Efficiency of Broadband Detection Radar-Tracking Objects in Conditions of Passive and Active Masking


S.N. Razin'kov

On the basis of the power equations of transfer-reception of non-harmonic wave processes and the device of transfer functions of entrance circuits of the receiver expressions for an estimation of energy of broadband radars information signals and handicap radiations used for masking of location objects are received. Characteristics of radar-tracking detection of the purposes with a priori unknown site are found at preset values of probabilities of a false alarm and correct detection of sources of masking handicaps. The analysis of detection laws at use as signals and handicaps of broadband radio impulses with rectangular and gauss bending around is carried out. It is shown, that energy of a signal on an input of receiver radar, as against narrow-band radars, depends on a kind and parameters of a probing signal. With increase of transmitting and reception aerials range of action radar grows proportionally the antenna areas in a degree one second, and at the set sizes of aerials - under the law «root square of the current value of cyclic frequency of a signal » owing to their increase partial factors of the directed action. Range of detection of purpose РСЛ with rectangular radio impulses exceeds values, achievable at use of signals with gauss bending around. Masking by radiations with rectangular bending around allows to lower energy of handicap director. At the same time, due to invariancy of position of a maximum of spectral density gauss radio signal at increase in its duration simple option in workmanship by the reception aerial of system in a strip of frequencies is provided. This circumstance allows to draw a conclusion on expediency of application gauss radio impulses in means of a radar-location and active masking of objects.

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