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About Intercommunicate a EinsteinPodolskyRosen Paradox and a Soliton Theory for Far-Action Manifestation


A.A. Roukhadze, M.M. Bashkirov, I.A. Volodin, V.G. Dmitriev, A.A. Konotop, V.I. Sergeev, Z.N. Fyodorova, A.A. Chaplygin

EinsteinPodolskyRosen paradox (EPRP), in a part causing interpretation of developing process of response of the material objects (presented, as resonance systems) on the exterior affecting immediately not converted on them (that is, far-action developing processes – instantaneous action at a distance) is in-process observed. It is shown, that use of mechanisms soliton theories allows to spend modelling and adequately to explain effects of numerous experiments on developing process of far-action both on fluid-flow, and on hard-state resonance systems (the spent on domestic and foreign observational baseline). Thus, it is underlined, that solitons shape medium of the existence in a place of the determination and, hence, can exist in any medium, and not just in the dispersive. The statement is besides, justified, that solitons can exist and be shaped only in those resonance systems which allow such existence (shaping). The observed breathers and quadrupoles (as soliton formations) show a possibility of implementation of far-action: at perturbation of any element’s of a quadrupole, all its other elements will be disturbed also. That is, at allocation of elements of a quadrupole in space (with existence in the classical physical resonators carried in space), perturbation of its various elements attracts excitation of the specified resonators. Hence, at excitation of one of resonators, another (on which immediate affecting is not converted) will be raised also, for the account of perturbation of a element of the quadrupole existing in such resonator. Thus, in paper it is shown, that use EPRP for interpretation of the observational effects does not demand attraction of the latent parametres since both effects and possibilities of analytical exposition of far-action it is adequately caused by known mechanisms (in particular, the soliton theory).

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