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Physical Processes Acting in the Nonlinear Earth-Space System: The Ways in Which Variations in Space and Tropospheric Weather Impact the Biosphere (Humans)


A.A. Potapov, L.F. Chernogor

Тhe energy balance of the fixed solar plasma in magnetic tube, taking into account the longitudinal heat conduction, heating and The system analysis approach has been validated to be an efficient means for studying, modeling, and forecasting variations in tropospheric and space weather, and detecting the mechanisms and the ways in which these variations affect the biosphere (humans). The system analysis paradigm is expected to become a basis for the theory, for a technique and methodology for studying the physical Sun-interplanetary-medium-magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere-Earth-biosphere system. The basics of the system analysis paradigm are presented. The system under investigation is an open and nonlinear system with subsystem-to-subsystem feedbacks and forward coupling. The system has a hierarchal property and can be subject to self-organization and self-development owing to external sources of energy, radiation, mass, etc. The space and time variations in the system parameters possess fractal properties. The causes of the variations in space and tropospheric weather are established to be impacts of space, terrestrial, and anthropogenic origin. In a number of cases, their energy may be comparable. A synergic impact of these sources is possible. The ways in which variations in space and tropospheric weather impact the biosphere (humans) are discussed. The aperiodic and quasi-periodic perturbations in the physical fields that have effect on the biosphere (humans) are intercompared. The basic ways in which variations in space and tropospheric weather impact the biosphere (humans) are rapid enough variations (pulsations) in atmospheric electricity, atmospheric pressure, and in the geomagnetic field with periods of 10–2 to 103 s. An increase in the efficiency of a physical field impact on humans is observed near human's characteristic frequencies. These fields mainly affect the cardiovascular system and its regulatory mechanisms.

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