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Methodical Approaches to Organization of Control Aircraft Complex in Conditions of Radio Electronic and Fire Countermeasures


S.N. Vaypan, V.N. Dod, A.P. Dolgopolov, A.V. Mazurkin

The article on the theme: "Methodical approaches to organization of control aircraft complex in conditions of radio electronic and fire countermeasures", is written on 10 typed sheets and includes 5 drawings. In this article the aircraft complexes of special purpose, are considered i.e. aircraft systems of radar patrolling and guidance and aircraft complexes of interception. Its joint application in the control system of real time allows the most effect to be achieved while reflection attacks of air assault means at distant borders. Now the most actual is a study of ways of control efficiency increase for aviation complexes under conditions of radio electronic and fire countermeasures i.e. in conditions of antagonistic conflict. The aim of the article - is substantiation of methodical approach to organization of control for aviation complex under conditions of radio electronic and fire countermeasures to air assault means. For substantiation of efficient versions of conflict-stable control for aviation complex of interception from the board of aviation complex of radar system for patrolling and guidance it is necessary to form reference set of realizable alternatives for different tactical methods of air assault means application, parameter of radio electronic and fire countermeasures, form areas of safe application of interception aviation complex, to define the strategy of target classification on dangerous, subject to primary effect. Alternative versions for control are evaluated and preferable version is chosen from them taking into account variable system of priorities. Used system of priorities is formed from factors, determining the efficiency of aviation complex of radar system or patrolling and guidance in the version of air guidance post.

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