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The Filtration Algorithms Synthesis for Twin-Platform Guidance System Aiming on Radiation Sources


V.I. Merkulov, I.V. Zabelin, A.I. Shuklin, A.M. Kuimov

Active use of airborne jammers cause the use of passive twin-platform guidance system for their defeat, allowing to increase low detectability, fighting efficiency and survivability of guidance systems as a whole. One of widespread variants of their construction is the set of an information platform and strike platform for which guide difficult enough trajectory control algorithms can be applied. With a view of an information supply of trajectory control algorithms on board each platforms, as a rule, it is necessary to form coordinates estimations of absolute and relative movement both platforms and the target. In article on the basis of the optimum filtration theory the variant of functioning of estimation algorithms in information system of passive twin-platform guidance system is considered aiming on air radiation sources, and their analysis is carried out.

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