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Current State of Problem of Automatization of Science Researches


Y.Y. Zhuravliov, A.Ja. Oleinikov, T.D. Shirobokova

Article Y.Y. Zhuravleva, A.Ya. Olejnikova and Shirobokovoj «The modern state of the problem of scientific researches automatization» contain: annotation, introdudtion, six sections and conclusion, 2 tables, 7 illustrations. The literature list includes 12 citations of authorities. In Introduction is marked, that the search pattern problem of scientific research automatization (SRA) follows to apprehend integrated the information technology application (methods and computer aids and communications ) to improve efficiency of all fundamental research stages. Is marked also the role of V. A. Kotelnikov Institute of radio engineering and electronics of RAS and Council on scientific researches automatization of RAS, headed by acadtmician Yu. V. Gulyaev, in solution of a problem. In section «Research stages» it is shown that the any scientific investigation, independently of specific area, in a general way, consists of theoretical and experimental phases, and problem of scientific investigation conyain the modelling studied object or process. The aspiration to obtain more and more the adequate model leads to measurement need and processing all large amount of data on experimental phase and solution increasingly difficult sets of equations on theoretical phase. All this in aggregate led to need of application of computing technique (CT) and has come to be known as of problem of SRA. The process of scientific investigation contain the number of interconnected steps, and it is possible to represent in the form of algorithm. Because all stages of scientific investigation is associated between themselves, follows to speak about complex scientific research automation. In section «Ages in architecture SRA systems» are outlined several «ages», determined dominant CT- species used. Age 1 – «large» engine and non-standard interfaces Age 2 - mini-computer and interfaces in CAMAC-standard Age 3 - PCs and built-in of interface boards Age 4 - joint of application of computers of all kinds, including supercomputer - age of heterogeneous systems In every above mentioned ages were being taken the normative legal documents of different status, aimed at solution of a problem. The section «Open systems and the paradigm change» in SRAS construction is devoted to description of mining development in Russia on designing problem of technology open systems and Council on automation of scientific research forces at task solution . On subject field open systems was carried out 4 conferences with foreign participant and is done the large number of publications in scientific periodical. Magazine «The information technologies and computer systems», editted under the aegi of nanotechnologies separating and information technologies of RAS, four time was devoting the thematic issues to open systems problem (in 1997, 2003, 2006 and 2009 years ). The next step in developments of open systems is submitted in section «interoperability provision - the main trend for developments open systems» The interoperability - the capability more than two systems or components to interchange of information and to use this information. Now worldwide the much attention has been paid to precisely ensuring problems of interoperability for systems of different scale (from nanosystem up to GRID-systems ) and different purpose, used in various areas including the science. On this basis the open systems Section have broached a question about mining developments in our country of solving of problem of providing of interoperability. Beginning from 2008 y. are being carried out annual conferences with foreign participation «The standardization of information technologies and interperoperability SITOR The network developments, primarily of Internet, led to GRID-system appearance of as a basis of e-science of modern scientific researches automatization. The fundamental aspects of GRID are being solved within RAS Presidium program № 1. In section «GRID-systemy as a basis of e-science» is shown the key role of standardization in interoperability provision of GRID-sistem. The section «Qualitatively the new stage - the participation in international standardization» is devoted to partici-pation IRE RAS in organisation of Russia's participation in the process of international standardization over the area of intero-perability provision. In Conclusion are generalized the materials, stated in sections, and once again is emphasized the role IRE in problem progress of scientific researches automatizaton on all its steps.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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