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Neural network device for identification of the disguised hand-written documents in russian


S. D. Kulik, D. A. Nikonets, K. I. Tkachenko, A. V. Zhizhilev

In article the utility model of the device for identification of the forged documents and the securities containing the hand-written text in Russian is described. Identification of forged hand-written documents in Russian in forensic handwriting expertise is a primary scope of the offered device. Also used forensic techniques, allows to identify the executor of the hand-written document, and to define his sex and age from handwriting are briefly described. In these forensic techniques neural network approach is used as a classification method. Examples of the known technical equipment connected with identification of various forged objects are listed. Also some known technical equipment, found in the ROSPATENT database, connected with neural networks and which can be used for the solving of practical problems is presented. The detailed description of known close analogues of the offered utility model is given. The formula of the offered utility model is described and differences from known close analogues are specified. The description of work of the offered utility model and an example of possible its industrial application is introduced.

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