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Neurocompilation as a basis of quantum computational structures instructational synthesis


G. M. Alakoz

It is considered two central mastering quantum computers problems, one of which is associated with creation input and output (macro)interfaces that are able to support processing rate attainable in quantum «working substance», however at the expense of quantum mechanics lawless interactions. It requires: – assignment input actions («quantum lens») and receipt results («quantum prism») procedures paralleling with potentially achievable in quantum «working substance» coefficients; – stray electromagnetic, thermal, gravitational and others interactions between quantum «working substance» and external environment presented by (macro)interfaces blocking. The second problem is associated with creation compilers which expresses task solving by quantum computer in terms of turns in Hilbert space. It is submitted to use (multi)threshold formal neurons optimal synthesis methods and facilities through the making of (neuro)compilers mapping high level language operators into associative quantum limited life computational structures. For these aims is used formal neuron group-theoretical model, which: – puts distributive structure of substitutions of input Boolean vectors ranks into univocal correspondence to full variation of weight vector; – ensures search of minimal threshold realization at finite set of integer weight vector variations; – sets terms of multifunctional Boolean gates physical realization by the instrumentality of the simplest quantum measurement system defining response of each quantum or supramolecular computing structure element to weak, indestructible identification interaction by rules appropriate to assigned logical function; – ensures usage of nanoclusters or supramolecular connections at minimal energy values in system; achievement of the highest paralleling computing coefficients for microelectronics and the highest level of multiple response, which are required from quantum computers input and output (macro)interfaces.

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