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Methodology of Individual-Collective Simulation of Neuronic Bioexcitation as a New Paradigm of Neurocomputers


V. V. Kolushov, A. V. Savelyev

The paper presents the results of the study of a new methodology for modeling complex systems, including biological living systems, are proposed by the authors, and new KISK- technologies of informational simulation are designed. The reasons of the failures of traditional mathematical simulation of such systems is well-known methods, resulting in conclusions that the essence of these reasons is the itself principle of the existing mathematics was designed for manual account when the primary purpose is not accurate and the similarity of the simulated object, and the simplicity and low resource extensive account. The proposed methodology and KISK-technologies used socio-bionical communication paradigms to the similarity of representations of the simulated system as a collective of components, which its have own subjective personality. This was implemented using the features of modern computing and information resources without a description of the simulated object by differential equations, and by application of the non-analytic ways. The proposed adaptation of technology without full use of computer technology-specific information directly without intermediate transformations, without approximations, directly working with arrays of data. The advantage of the proposed simulation methodology and information KISK-technologies were developed on its basis is the possibility of increasing the degree of individual elements in both quantitative and qualitative terms, deploying these differences hierarchically at different levels of complexity of any gradation. The most fruitful this methodology has been applied to reproduce the properties of neurons membrane complexes and their components. KISK-algorithms are developed and patented by the authors for simulation and numerical determination of cardiac arrhythmic areas when applied of tomo-graphy and ECG data are applied in SCСVS of RAMS by A.N. Bakulev, and experimentally used for diagnostic purposes for the subsequent sighting of elimination intra-cardio arrhythmic areas. Based on opened by us the ambiguities of morphological and functional representations of the neurons, their quasi fractal in the organization of neural networks and applications socio-bionical communicative paradigms, the principle evolution of the nervous system representations in the direction of microsocial organizations be shown and, accordingly, the proximity of the proposed methodology of simulation. This methodology was developed based on the use of socio-similar collective-personal relationships that form the basis of society and can be used as a general approach to simulating of super-complex systems, as well as a new paradigm of neurocomputation synthesis and build a new generation of neuro-computers.

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