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Automatic semantic texts processing systems development


G. G. Belonogov, R. S. Gilyarevskiy, Alexander A. Khoroshilov, Alexey A. Khoroshilov

Principles of the construction, history of the creation and perspectives of automatic text translation systems development from one native language to other, information retrieval systems in the full-text data bases and information analytical systems are shown in the research. The perspectives of creation of the «Artificial Intellect» class systems are evaluated. Among the perspective trends of the automatic semantic text information processing systems development the solution of the following issues should take the first place: The first issue is the determination of the conceptual and phraseological resources of the native languages. This is important because the conceptions are the basis and the most stable examples of the sense in the thinking, in the language and in the speech. Something is already done in this area but it should be done more especially in the area of the determination of the native languages phraseological resources. The second issue is the identification of the most stable out-of-context associative semantic connections between conceptions. This issue essentially is the first part because the description of the semantic content of the conceptions is provided here and it can be fully described in the systems of their associative connections with each other. The third issue is the development of the basic procedures of the semantic-syntactical text analysis and synthesis that is based on their phraseological and conceptual analysis and synthesis. The listed issues have high priority in authors’ consideration because they appear in solving of every complex tasks of the automatic text information processing.

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