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Violations of Movement Function in Unicellular Aquatic with Low Radio-Frequency Effects: Experiments on the Infusoria Spirostomum ambiguum, Irradiated at a Frequency of Mobile Communication (1 GHz) for Different Values of Energy Flux Density


E. Sarapultseva, J. Igolkina

It was studied maximum permissible level (10 μW/cm2) so as 5 μW/sm2 (2 times lower than permitted in Russia maximum EFD) and higher values of energy flux density (50 μW/sm2) of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) at the mobile connection frequency (1 GHz) by changes in spontaneous motor activity (SMA) of Spirostomum ambiguum (unicellular prenerve infusoria). SMA was calculated by quantity of ocular microscope intersection of each infusoria for 1 min. To do this, infusoria were placed on individual in special plastic plate with holes of 5 mm in diameter and 2 mm in depth. The effect after irradiation compared with the control infusoria, cultivated in the laboratory at 20 ± 10C. Electromagnetic radiation at the mobile connection frequency (1 GHz) at maximum energy flow density (10 μW/sm2) permitted in Russia, so as at lower and higher values of energy flux density causes serious functional disorders in the studied unicellular hydrobiontes infusoria Spirostomum ambiguum: reduction of their spontaneous motor activity (SMA). The effect is a threshold of exposure time, overall, and after reaching the threshold exposure does not depend on the duration of exposure in a wide time interval. The degree of SMA in all cases is practically identical. In this case, however, we found clear differences in the duration of exposure, which is safe for the object. Duration of safe exposure for an object is 30 – 45 min when the parameters of mobile communications 1 GHz with EFD = 10 μW/sm2, about 8 – 9 h, when EFD = 5 μW/sm2 and about 10 minutes when 50 μW/sm2. The question of the theoretical and practical significance of the results considered.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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