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Spatially Distributed Field of Electric Impulses for Regeneration of Ishemic Muscules


V.S. Kublanov, I.G. Danilova, I.F. Goette, I.A. Brykina, M.A. Shaljagin

Results of research of influence by the focused rotating spatially distributed field of electric impulses in projection of cervical ganglions of sympathetic system are considered at correction of a chronic pathology – ischemia of rat’s shin muscule. Researches are spent on four groups of laboratory rats: intact (1), subjected by immobility stress (2), with an ischemia of shin muscle (3) and with an ischemia of the same muscle after influence by the focused rotating spatially distributed field of electric impulses (4) – in last group it is spent 5 influences in projections of cervical ganglions of sympathetic nervous system by the type device «Simpatocor». It is revealed that in group of animals, who have been subjected influence by a field, restoration of blood circulashion ishemic muscles at the expense of increase in quantity of capillaries is observed. In the table the data about quantity of capillaries in a femoral muscle of a rat on 1 мм2, identified on expression CD31 is cited: Indicator Groups 1 2 3 4 Quantity of capillaries 138,82±25,98 126,14±7,5 28,7±1,9 69,79±2,7 In 4th group in comparison with others maintenance growth of quantity of erytrocites in blood is observed also. Thus at cellular level permeability of membranes of celles and muscular fibres is not aggravated increased as a result of action of the pathological factor, and at molecular level the quantity of products endogenic intoxications decreases.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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