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EMI EHF Structurally Functional Influence on Hydrolitic Preparation


А.Y. Кrynitskaya, V.S. Gamaurova, P.P. Sukhanov

In last decades the new perspective direction of influence on biological objects - by electromagnetic irradiation (EMI) of a millimeter (mm) range – have arised. The Literary data witnesses about changes in enzyme activity during the functioning of complete organism, subjected to an irradiation of a mm range. There are also separate certificates of a mm range EMI influence on enzymes in vitro, but we have not revealed regular information on this question. In this connection the researches in vitro of low intensity electromagnetic radiations of the extremely high frequencies (EHF) influence on amylolytic activity of an enzyme preparation on a basis of the α-amylase (an enzyme, concerning to the hydrolases subclass) in the well investigated reaction of starch hydrolysis were carried out. Is revealed, that frequency dependence of enzyme functioning in context of enzyme preparation (EP) carries quasi resonance character and contains frequencies, extremely influencing on EP activity. For determination the probable mechanism of EMI EHF influence on EP functioning were fulfilled kinetic and structural - dynamic researches of molecular scale. During kinetic experiments the values of appropriate parameters, describing time dependence of enzyme preparation activity at various temperatures and EMI EHF frequencies, are found. Proceeding from the assumption of EP reactions submission to temperature-temporary analogy, fair for convertible processes with macromolecules participation, were constructed time dependences of the EP amylolytic activity logarithms in linear approximation, and the first order rate constants of enzyme reaction are received. From constants temperature dependence were determined kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of the intermediate state of the same process: energy barrier heights and preexponential factor of Arrhenius type plot, enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs energy of the intermediate state. The structural - dynamic analysis was realized with the help of ultraviolet spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic re-sonance (NMR) relaxation methods. The last one was based on using the received values of longitudinal and cross nuclear magnetic relaxation times, and also on effective diffusion coefficients of proton containing components of the system. On these data the logarithmic dependences of magnetic-relaxation parameters of enzyme preparation from return temperature were constructed, which in an interval 27 - 700С represent straight lines, allowing to receive from these functions the appropriate temperature factors.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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