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Numerical Calculation Method of Electron Bunch Proper Fields in Drift Tubes of a Miсrowave Devices with Longitudinal Interaction


V.M. Pikunov

In paper, motion model without radiation fields of electron bunches in floating-drift passages and drift tubes of microwave devices is substantiated. This model is right and for relativistic electron motion. It based on introduction of electron bunch quasi-stationary proper fields, which are created by moving electron bunches. The wake fields are divided into sum of two parts coulomb fields, which are the same as fields of rest charge, and solenoidal one of wake field. Efficiency numerical method is suggested for calculation of electron bunch wake fields in floating-drift passages of TWT on chained resonators and drift tubes of multiple-cavity klystrons. Uncompleted Galerkin method is used for discretization of wake field’s equations. A solution of boundary problems for stiff system of ordinary differential equations is search out by directed orthogonalization method. Estimations of sagging depth of coulomb and complete wake fields into cavities gaps are made. Sagging depth of complete wake fields is in times larger, then for coulomb fields ( – relativistic factor). Structures of wake fields of electron disk and electron ring are investigated for electron beam model as set disks and rings. Results of numerical computation of relativistic ( ) electron bunching in multiple-cavity klystron are discussed. Using of suggested method for solving electron optic problems in TWT on chained resonators is considered. To show, that suggested numerical method to lets essentially reduces calculation time and extends possibilities of modeling and optimization of microwave electron devices in compared with known methods.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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