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The Analysis of Ways of Development of Onboard Radar Autonomous Information and Control Systems


A.B. Borzov, I.V. Muratov, G.L. Pavlov

In the article practical recommendations about creation of perspective onboard radar autonomous information and control systems (AICS) are developed. The problem considered in the article is really actual. The conclusions obtained by authors allow to increase parameters of efficiency and a noise stability of onboard radar devices to missiles of various classes. Perspective AICS should take part in information interchange with navigation and control devices, and also should provide high parameters in range of detection, accuracy, noise immunity and efficiency. For increase of stability of onboard radar device to influence of radio jamming is necessary to use a millimetric wave range. Now the problem is represented very difficult because traditional methods of improvement of a noise stability have sputtered out. The most perspective is the range λ =5 mm where absorption makes 18 dB/km that essentially complicates statement of radio jamming for AICS. At this range of frequencies there are spectral windows of attenuation of radio-waves and there is possibility of using of some antennas in AICS. Possibility of placing of AICS and control systems in central part of the missile is considered. It is shown that such placing causes use of slotted-guide antennas with orientation of a maximum of the pattern in a back hemisphere for receiving of commands from ballistic station and a side lobe in a forward hemisphere for maintenance of not contact blasting at the target. Besides, one of possible ways of the decision of a problem of transmit-receive isolation is considered. Conclusions about an effective head-bottom construction of AICS have been obtained. Thus the transmitter is offered to be placed in a head part of a missile, but the receiver, the scheme of processing and the scheme of processing and the safety mechanism have to be placed in a bottom part of missile. Such measures have to provide transmit-receive isolation about 90 dB on coordinated polarizations.

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